Whom I accept as my pupils



The fact that I am not able to recognise as such all those who call themselves my pupils should not prove an obstacle to those who have actually demonstrated that they are my pupils in deed and behaviour, or are prepared to prove themselves to be true spiritual pupils.


Every man is his own judge!


He is a judge of himself; there is no ‘appeal’ against his verdict throughout eternity!


And his judgement is not a legal finding in thought but legal confirmation through deed!


Everyone determines what he is through his own behaviour with the consequence that he can be nothing other than what this behaviour shows he is capable of being.


Although your external mannerisms or self-image can beguile your own judgement and deceive your fellow men, they have not the slightest effect on the specific position in substantial spiritual life determined by your own actions.


Those who are truly my pupils know this because they know they are acting in the way my teaching calls everybody to act.


They do not need my explicit recognition, for their actions will tell them with complete certainty if I can number them amongst my own.


I cannot turn anyone in the world into my pupil, truly bound to me in the spirit of the First Light, who is not my pupil from within himself in his thinking, feeling, willing, speaking and acting!

(Excerpts from the chapter ‘Whom I accept as my pupils’)

The Pupil and Bô Yin Râ

It has no significance at all if any of my pupils know me personally.


The transient, imperfect, corporeal man suffering from all manner of ills, which I am here on earth, in this realm of visibility, is for me nothing other than what the visible hand is for the concealed mechanism of the clock.


It is simply the mediator of the teaching I have to impart.


It is also utterly meaningless, and brings no one close to me as a pupil, for anyone to say of himself, in the embarrassing manner of one belonging to a religious sect, that he ‘is in the doctrine’ because he has ‘taken note of’ everything found in my writings.


As long as whatever has been absorbed from my words merely remains the possession of the brain it


will only remain that possession as long as the brain is capable of ‘holding on’ to it.


Nothing of this kind is of endurance!


Only what has been transformed into work and living form will endure: – even when no longer any atom of the brain exists in the same form as once was needed to hold on to what was absorbed from my words. –


Being my pupil is not dependent on some kind of distinction I might have to ‘grant’.


All are my pupils who immerse themselves in the teachings I give and accept the duty, as far as they are able, to arrange their own lives in accordance with the consequences which logically ensue from my teachings.


This only concerns me since I became the fashioner in language of the messages of personal experience, and the interpreter of ancient teaching whose truth I was allowed to test.


Of course, I am talking here about areas of experience which are inaccessible to all my fellow men in the western hemisphere of this earthly orb; – but also in the other hemisphere they are inaccessible but to a very few, among whom no one is appointed to communicate publicly.


Be aware:

Experience shows me quite clearly that among all those I am able to recognise today as my real spiritual pupils there is but a tiny number who heard of my books through a ‘proselytising pupil’. The books themselves ‘came’ to all others by some route or other, – possibly in the strangest way, and at times people were involved who lacked every intention of absorbing anything spiritual.



… I must warn each one of my pupils here against asking too much of himself or of the fellow pupils he knows.


As an industrious custodian of the way, I have cleared the path leading the pupil to the substantial spirit and thereby to attainment of assured awareness of his own belonging to the spirit, from very many obstacles which once needed almost superhuman exertion to overcome.


But I am not able to clear every slope which is to be overcome with perseverance alone, for the path has, since time immemorial, passed over established rocks!


I cannot spare any of my pupils from the effort of the climb – I cannot carry any on my shoulders to the peak!


Yet that steep ascent will be conquered most quickly if the wanderer does not press and hurry but always expends his energies in a wisely measured way to avoid falling prey to exhaustion. –


Calm confidence and alert belief in their own powers will bring those who strive to their elevated goal much sooner than the cramped will to which the impatient so readily succumb!


(Excerpts from the chapter ‘Whom I accept as my pupils’. pages 560-564)



Bô Yin Râ