The pupil and Bô Yin Râ

The fact that I am not able to recognise as such all those who call themselves my pupils should not prove an obstacle to those who have actually demonstrated that they are my pupils in deed and behaviour, or are prepared to prove themselves to be true spiritual pupils.


Every man is his own judge!


He is a judge of himself; there is no ‘appeal’ against his verdict throughout eternity!


And his judgement is not a legal finding in thought but legal confirmation through deed!


Everyone determines what he is through his own behaviour with the consequence that he can be nothing other than what this behaviour shows he is capable of being.


Although your external mannerisms or self-image can beguile your own judgement and deceive your fellow men, they have not the slightest effect on the specific position in substantial spiritual life determined by your own actions.


Those who are truly my pupils know this because they know they are acting in the way my teaching calls everybody to act.


They do not need my explicit recognition, for their actions will tell them with complete certainty if I can number them amongst my own.


I cannot turn anyone in the world into my pupil, truly bound to me in the spirit of the First Light, who is not my pupil from within himself in his thinking, feeling, willing, speaking and acting!

(Excerpts from the chapter ‘The pupil and his companions’ pages 588-594 )

Bô Yin Râ