The path and the goal and what it takes

There must be no rushing, insisting and chasing after the goal for one who as my pupil has set off on the path I show to him, on which he can reach his goal in the manner suited to his individual nature!


With certain assurance he must walk step by step, with perseverance and thoughtfulness, always according to the manner suited to him as he found described in my words and then chose for himself, – for this ‘path’ will not be ‘dispensed with’ on the final attainment of the goal like something one no longer needs, but will become the eternal spiritual possession of whoever has reached the goal.


He needs this path which has been ‘opened’ for him, – since it has been opened by him –, if the eternal spiritual consciousness he has attained is to remain united with what guarantees him his identity in his spiritual and earthly experience…


The ‘walk upon’ the path which allows him to attain the spirit is a ‘walk’ in physical time but within his own inner spiritual space!


Though the goal is reached in physical time it can only be found in inner spiritual space. –


(Excerpts from the chapter ‘Unnessary self-torment’pages 571-575.)

Bô Yin Râ